Whether your Sim loves to enjoy video games, then the gamer attribute is actually for her or him

Sims towards the gamer attribute will be able to score a great moodlet increase of the to try out games, plus doing this, player Sims learn the betting skills smaller.


Whether your Sim try scared of bacteria, up coming they shall be less likely to become ill, of course, if various other Sim could have been unwell up to him or her, next they’ll certainly be able to cleaning adopting the affect quicker than everybody else. Might including occasionally get a supplementary moodlet raise to be cautious on what they reach.


Should your Sim loves to plan, then it characteristic can be handy because they becomes special moodlet speeds up out-of eating a great dinner. They’re going to be also in a position to pick the new treatments and you can discover preparing enjoy quicker, as well as to make smarter family relations with folks with that it attribute.

Environmentally friendly Thumb

When your Sim wants to lawn, then that it feature might possibly be a very beneficial that. They will certainly get https://datingranking.net/de/bart-dating/ unique moodlet increases when they’re taking care of plants, if in case they have the brand new gardening skill unlocked, then they normally plant certain flowers one to secure him or her money on a regular basis.

Drums Legend

If the Sim has actually practicing the guitar, they might possibly find out the keyboards ability faster insurance firms this trait and practicing their software. Yet not, it takes particular behavior date before you could open brand new incentives using this you to.


Which characteristic will provide your Sim a stronger dislike towards the particular procedures and Sims, but if you has some other Sim with this particular characteristic inside their household, then they could get some kind of special incentives such most friendship things. Whatsoever, misery wants business!

Healthy living style

In the event the Sim is in the habit of eating vegetables, working out, and you can attaining a beneficial level of fitness, upcoming they’ll be able to get unique moodlet accelerates by having so it feature. They are going to also provide finest matchmaking with folks which show their compliment outlook on life.


Heartbreaker ‘s the king (otherwise queen) of new mental characteristics. If you would like their Sim so that you can appeal other people however smash him or her mentally and you can spiritually, following favor it trait. Just what better way to find what you need than by having that unique anything (otherwise people) fall head-over-heels to you personally?


In case the Sims have a tendency to rating consumed with stress quicker than simply other people, upcoming it attribute should be a useful one to because have a tendency to leave you a young caution when they about to have good crisis over anything. They are going to be also able to see reasoning knowledge quicker, as well as their talk experience is most useful as well.

Hipster Character

If your Sim loves to end up being trendy, following that it characteristic will help him or her stand in that way given that it’ll give them special moodlet accelerates to have visiting the bar and purchasing popular issues. They’ll buy a far greater effect away from Sims beyond their house if they have it characteristic.

Which trait will leave you a different, separate “Hipster-only” conversation solution when speaking with most other Sims. If the Sim keeps that it feature, then they can also score unique moodlet boosts out of sipping coffees and you will paying attention to music towards vinyl facts.


In the event your Sim likes to perform cleaning, up coming they are going to get a special moodlet boost after they clean otherwise decorate on a regular basis. They will even be most useful at acquiring buddies and you can building relationships which have almost every other Sims. They generate great mothers, too!


Whether your Sim likes to develop poetry or create images, after that might get a unique moodlet boost away from like measures. They are going to including make the innovation ability less, and they will earn more income whenever promoting their productions.

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