I adore USC while there is different those who sign up for. Everybody try an over achiever nonetheless can certainly be an outstanding assistance system.

“individuals are typically attractive and ready to help rest. Some pupils could be a little stand-offish. More graduate wear a Southern Ca type in shorts and flip-flops , but women are generally stunning fancy and lads tend to be preppy.”

Howard College

Washington, D.C.

“Howard institution, is an HBCU with design, type, identity and range. The people and models are perfect hunting group, beginning with their particular fashion 1st. Manner is a significant section of Howard traditions and thus a lot of lads and women very trendy.”

“in my opinion one of th primary sites of Howard University will be the varied scholar entire body. Children from around the globe constitute the graduate looks area. It creates for a sort of global knowledge of every course, throughout the campus and student agencies readily available for real person communication.”

Colgate University

Hamilton, N.Y.

“most folks at Colgate are incredibly very well put-together and preppy (together with frequently great searching). Pupils can be pretty all-around and choose to join in earnestly in campus life. Youngsters are generally hard-working about course nevertheless also work quite difficult to continue a working cultural living!”

“Colgate is very much indeed a work tough perform hard college. College students shell out as much time in the selection mastering because they would out and about partying.”

number 6 Vanderbilt School

Nashville, Tenn.

“all of them gorgeous. Plus, there can be an array of chicks and people right here. Anybody gowns to affect, and it is fairly easy acquiring buddies.”

“you will find a lot of different folks at Vandy even so the almost all ladies and males are preppy and good-looking. We have most northern visitors in addition they surely put his or her style down below. Expect Sperry’s, sundresses, delicate polos, and adventurer shoes. Regardless of the ‘Vandy Girl’ stereotype, teenagers are actually brilliant while the fratty guys include clever also. They all are helpful!”

Stanford School

Stanford, Calif.

” the inventors are certainly hot at Stanford. They all simply manage intended for Stanford conditions and athletics and manage to visit the exercise often. The girls may be attractive. Girls are not your ‘girl-next-door’ kinds though; they have an inclination are truly social. “

” undoubtedly a massive range of individuals only at Stanford, more than essentially some other schooling, so if you do not’re a recluse and don’t ever before get-out or carry out much, you may have no problem unearthing hotties of any form, dimensions, skill, interest, characteristics, and intimate orientation. Trust in me. Initially when I first had Stanford I found myself truly nervous that all one here might possibly be a brilliant awkward nerd or an enormous snob, however, the opposite may be the case. “

Georgetown School

Arizona, D.C.

“There is many variety throughout the individual human anatomy, although at first glance it might not show up as planned. Most pupils at Georgetown are preppy but the majority attempt to identify on their own in some manner leading to a few quirkiness.”

“You will find a stylish environment so a number of students smack the fitness center typically; however, the collection is never unused (along with second floors study space’s coffee shop will make it a cultural hangout). The majority of cultural relationships occur through groups and campus groups (query any Georgetown pupil whatever they’re involved with on-campus and you may collect a list of around 4 organizations and/or a sports teams). The university teams are often those holding the functions, but while doing so, they give you the cabability to discover people and models pretty much through daytime recreation.”

no. 3 College of Virginia

Charlottesville, Va.

“every person suggestions therefore friendly and dynamic. Folks are involved in a billion points, while nevertheless handling to acquire time to ace school and gathering. The ‘work hard games hard’ attitude is often common, but there are lots of sort B visitors besides. You needn’t be frightened down by many stereotypes about everyone are preppy or elitist. there are many selecting swinging heaven is gratis visitors right here and quite a few of them become great!”

“UVA has many really, most attractive someone. This has a credibility for having students which can be stuck up, but that’s amazingly far from the truth. The truth that men and women listed below are ridiculously attractive has not had these people wanks. Everyone seems to be down to earth and genial.”

#2 Pacific Sum School

Napa Pit, Calif.

“Because our company is such a diverse faculty, you’ll discover lads and babes from all over society. This only enables you to go out of the going out with comfort zone, you’re to look at to loads of newer cultures. You are never limited by the sort of someone you’ll meeting.”

“consumers listed below attractive. Anybody keeps their own personal sense of design, however, there is definitely a solid expectancy which everybody keeps upwards their appearance and appear good every day away from dorm. Every person exercises. No, truly. Folks computes along with guys bring extremely hot system from this. The girls also are really nice and appealing.”

# 1 Brigham Teenage School

Provo, Utah

“Mormons tend to be appealing. I’m not sure the reason why but they’re. And brilliant. Everyone seems to be hot and brilliant below and it’s really insane! They may disappear as a tiny bit judgmental, but many of them aren’t, they feel like it because they’re stereotyped this way.”

“extreme majority of students were wise, attractive, and well-put together. Many people are up for a good time and are able to learn someone.”

“BYU has some of the finest folks in the entire world. Generally speaking, all is actually genial; there is a large number of really smart youngsters in. If you like excellent clean a lot of fun, you will love BYU.”

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